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The HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) supports research institutions and funding organisations in the implementation of 1) the European Charter for Researchers and 2) the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers in their policies and practices. The concrete implementation of the Charter & Code by research institutions will render them more attractive to researchers looking for a new employer or for a host for their research project. The recognition "HR Excellence in Research" will identify the institutions and organisations as providers and supporters of a stimulating and favourable working environment.

The IIB Sant Pau started the implementation of the HRS4R in October 2014 by setting up a working group composed by researchers and research managers of the institute. During this process, the working group has analyzed the degree of compliance in our institute of the forty principles outlined within the Charter and Code, has prioritized those principles to be tackled and finally has prepared an action plan for the next four years that includes nineteen measures addressed towards new research facilities, improvement of internal and external information to research staff, improving the training plan, participation of researchers in decision-making bodies, staff evaluation or complaints/appeals, among others. This action plan (see below) was submitted to the European Commission in February 2015. The final step of this process took place on May 23rd, 2015 with the recognition of the "HR Excellence in Research" (see picture).

The HRS4R paves the way for a continuous improvement strategy to the institutions that do not actually end once obtained the aforementioned recognition: therefore, the IIB Sant Pau commits with its research community and the European Commission to the implementation of the action plan approved, the exhaustive monitoring of its implementation until 2019, and the build-up of a new strategy from that date on to ensure the maintenance of the recognition received.

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