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Objectives of the Nursing Degree

The Nursing Degree will train general practitioner nurses with scientific and humane preparation and enough trained to assess, identify, act and evaluate the necessities of health and cares of healthy and ill people, famílies and comunity (Aneca, 2005).

They should know strategies to provide health promotion and disease prevention, as well as activities that contribute to the restoration of illness or care necessary to provide a dignified death. Inside the area of the health system, the nurse shares with other health professionals the functions of planning, organization, management and evaluation to guarantee an adequate health system to develop the potential of people in different situations in life daily health promotion, disease prevention and care of the sick or disabled. In the context of the EHEA, these professional trainings have been acquired during the training cycle as defined on the basis of qualifications and competences which granted greater role for students and greater responsibility in its learning processes.

The general objectives of degree must respond to these professional features and thus nursing students in completing his graduate studies, in accordance with the essence of the profession and the Dublin Descriptors according to the Marco español de Calificaciones para la Educación Superior (MECES) (EU, 2008) they will be able to:

1.      Demonstrate that tey have wide  knowledge of the nursing science, and knowledge of health, human and social sciences to respond to needs and expectations of the health of individuals, families, groups and community.
2.      Apply knowledge and skills acquired in specific areas of nursing and to analyze responses, solidly founded and justified in situations of health / illness of individuals, families and / or community at all stages of the life cycle ensuring continuity of services with the health team.
3.     Collect and interpret data from health problems / illness to individuals, families and / or community, to evaluate them from a holistic perspective (biological, psychological and sociocultural) and develop together with them strategies to solve them using a process of nursing care.
4.      Transmit ideas and innovative solutions to health problems / illness using research to professionals of health area.
5.      Develop skills that allow them to take responsibility for deciding, identifying and prioritizing their own learning needs by analyzing situations of health / disease from different points of view.
Useful information
Head Teacher:

Mercedes Abades

Degree Coordinator:

Beatriz Campillo

1st Course Coordinator:

Maria Serret

2on Course Coordinator
Elvira Hernández 

3rd Course Coordinator
Maria Teresa Ricart 

4th Course Coordinator:

Eva Román

Mobility and Exchange Coordinator:

Montserrat Guillaumet

Research Coordinator:

Eva Román 

Quality Coordinator: 

Rosalia Santesmases

Master degress Coordinators

Nursing Care for Cardiac Patients:

Maria Teresa Ricart 

Gerontologic ang Geriatric Nursing:

Elvira Hernández

Intensive Nursing:

Antonio Torres

Oncological Nursing:

Adelaida Ramos 
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing:

Montserrat Sirvent

Perioperative Nursing:

Beatriz Campillo 

Addictive Behaviors:
Prevention and Nursing Intervention:

Montserrat Sirvent 

Nursing Care for Children and Adolescent:  

Maria Serret 

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