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Student's board
Student's Board
It is the representing body for the Centre’s students, and it is composed by every one of the courses of the Nursing Degree in UNS - Sant Pau.

Each course will decide what voting system to apply in order to choose their class delegate, in case there would be more than one candidate. Even so, the class in its total will be able to ask for a change of delegate at any moment in case it is thought he/she no longer acts in accordance to the tasks approved by de Student’s Board.

The whole class will be able to appoint a subdelegate or two delegates. In any case, they will both undertake the same tasks.

The representatives for the government bodies and UNS – Sant Pau participation are chosen between the Board members.

The Student’s Board will be in contact with the Centre’s Managing Team.

The Board will have to ensure duties and student’s rights are accomplished and will have to enhance their participation in all of School’s fields.
Each Board member, as the course delegate, will have to perform his/her activity from an objective point of view, representing the group’s different opinions in front of evaluation meetings, teaching commissions and all activities where the class needs to be represented.

Between all Student’s Board members, at least one secretary will be appointed with the following functions to perform:

• Assemble Student’s Board ordinary meetings.
• Take notes of meeting minutes and sign them.
• Act as a link with the Principal.
• Write out the annual report.

These are all Student’s Board members obligations:

• Process meeting requests.
• Spread Word of the meeting.
• Take meeting minutes and publish them.
• Approve the annual report.

The Student’s Board will have direct support from the UNS - Sant Pau management team as well as logistics and computing support tools that they might need.

Useful Information
Head Teacher:

Mercedes Abades

Degree Coordinator:

Beatriz Campillo

1st Course Coordinator:

Maria Serret

2on Course Coordinator
Elvira Hernandez

3rd Course Coordinator
Maria Teresa Ricart 

4th Course Coordinator:

Eva Román

Mobility and Exchange Coordinator:

Montserrat Guillaumet

Research Coordinator:

Eva Román 

Quality coordinator: 

Rosalia Santesmases 

Master degress Coordinators

Nursing Care for Cardiac Patients:

Maria Teresa Ricart 

Gerontologic ang Geriatric Nursing:

Elvira Hernández

Intensive Nursing:

Antonio Torres

Oncological Nursing:

Adelaida Ramos 
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing:

Montserrat Sirvent

Perioperative Nursing:

Beatriz Campillo 

Addictive Behaviors:
Prevention and Nursing Intervemtion: 

Montserrat Sirvent 

Nursing Care for Children and Adolescent:  

Maria Serret 

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