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Official certificates

You must request your certificate from the Academic Administration Office (Gestió Acadèmica) in the centre where you have completed your studies. If you are told that you do not meet all the requirements to obtain your qualification, you are given a period of 10 days during which you may present any relevant documents or plead your case.

  • Application form & two photocopies
  • Spanish national identity card, NIE (Foreign Resident Identification Number) or passport, & photocopy
  • Large-family card & photocopy, if applicable.

Duplicate certificates
You may request a duplicate in the following circumstances:

a) Your details need changing due to reasons attributable to the administration, you will need to make a new (free of charge) application for your diploma and hand in your old diploma to your Academic Office (Gestió Acadèmica).

b) You have lost your original certificate, it has been partially or totally destroyed, it has been stolen or it needs correction. You must report it in the Official Spanish Gazette (BOE), according to the applicable law. You will need to contact your Academic Office for this. You will be in charge of the expenses of the BOE announcement. 30 days after the announcement has been made, your request will be processed.

You will need to make a new application, pay the fees, attach a copy of your published announcement and hand it in to you Academic Office.

If your certificate has been stolen, you will also need to hand in the corresponding police report.

If you certificate needs a data rectification such as, a nationality, name or surname or birthday change or any other modifications, you will also need to attach the official document attesting this change.

If your certificate has been partially or totally destroyed, you must state what caused this and, if applicable, attach the report from the relevant official organisation (e.g. the fire brigade, if it was burnt in a fire).

c) Special Award: This award does not appear in your diploma, so this does not generate a new document, but you will be exempt from paying the issuing fees.

d) You may request a new speciality to be stated on your certificate, by making a new application, paying the corresponding fees and returning the original certificate to your Academic Office.


  • application form & two photocopies
  • Spanish national identity card, TIE (Foreign Resident Identification Number) or passport, & a photocopy
  • large-family card & a photocopy, if applicable
  • original certificate, if applicable.
Useful Information
Academic and Administrative Management Secretary of EUI: 

Cristina Baciero

Academic Management Staff:

Silvia del Pino
Raquel Pujol 
Magdalena Sánchez 
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