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Why Sant Pau's School?
Why Sant Pau’s School?

Because of its history, with more than 50 years of operation as a Nursing School, during which it has evolved influenced by factors such as changes in the society where it has been immersed and due to the advance of knowledge on the nursing field.

Because the main focus of the School is and has always been people, and that is reflected in the individualized attention dedicated to the student, in teaching organisation and teamwork.

Because the main lines of the UNS are teaching, research and extension:
As a centre of higher education affiliated to Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, it offers, in addition to the Nursing Diploma, seven master’s degrees as post-graduate studies on their own, as well as extension activities and permanent training.

Because of our commitment to quality:The primary goal of this School has been, and still is, that of performing a teaching process – maximum quality learning for the future nurses to offer when healing, with what society needs and asks for. In our commitment to quality we keep in mind the quality of the service we offer, not only as a right to our students, but also, and specially, as a responsibility to society.

Because of our clinical practices model:
The practices are carried out in medical centres, primary health care centres, nursing homes and social-health centres, and are ruled by: 

  •  Collaborative agreements with each centre
  •  Reference Framework Paper providing criteria to guarantee coordination between all agents intervening in the practices and the active implication of students in their own learning process

Because of the relationship nurse/student, which is one reference nurse per student, a teacher that takes over the monitoring of a group of 5 to 10 students per group and teacher.

Practises are planned following a logical sequence from less to more complexity, and in relation to the specific competences of the different subjects, and they are organised in a way that they can produce accumulative effects, a progressive increase and a development of the transversal competences.

The graduates:

UNS – Sant Pau graduates, at degree’s end, have preference in recruitment in Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau.

UNS – Sant Pau graduates have places reserved with preference by post-graduate students offered by the School (master degrees).

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Head Teacher:

Mercedes Abades

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