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Erasmus >  Application for admission calendar
Application for admission calendar
Erasmus+ 2018/19
Application for admission dates: from 30 October to 10 November 2017.

You can find the application form in the UNS website, section Academic and administrative management / Management of applications.

It must be delivered to the Coordinator of Mobility and Exchange and then, once signed by her, it must be delivered to the Secretariat.

Documentation for registration Erasmus IN Program
 Documents for the enrollment of Erasmus IN students: - Pre-enrollment application form mobility and exchange - Consent form and commitment confidentiality practices and consent information - Printed commitment of confidentiality - Photocopy of European Health Card - Current photograph passport size- Photocopy insurance civil and medical responsibility according to UAB regulations (link)
Useful Information
Head Teacher:

Mercedes Abades

Degree Coordinator:

Beatriz Campillo

1st Course Coordinator:

Maria Serret

2on Course Coordinator
Elvira Hernandez

3rd Course Coordinator
Maria Teresa Ricart 

4th Course Coordinator:

Eva Román

Mobility and Exchange Coordinator:

Montserrat Guillaumet

Research Coordinator:

Eva Román 

Quality coordinator: 

Rosalia Santesmases 

Master degress Coordinators

Nursing Care for Cardiac Patients:

Maria Teresa Ricart 

Gerontologic ang Geriatric Nursing:

Elvira Hernández

Intensive Nursing:

Antonio Torres

Oncological Nursing:

Adelaida Ramos 
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing:

Montserrat Sirvent

Perioperative Nursing:

Beatriz Campillo 

Addictive Behaviors:
Prevention and Nursing Intervemtion: 

Montserrat Sirvent 

Nursing Care for Children and Adolescent:  

Maria Serret 

Avís legal