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Master's degrees brochure
Information brochure masters
 Following the link, you can consult the EUI - Sant Pau Masters Information leaflet for the 2018/19 year.
The masters offered are the following:
· Child and Adolescent Nursing Assistance
. Advocacy Nursing Advanced to the Person with Cardiovascular Problems
· Gerontological and Geriatric Nursing
· Intensive Nursing
· Oncology Nursing
· Perioperative Nursing
· Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Health
Further on, you can expand the information by visiting the master's programs through the following link:
Studies / Masters / Programs
Useful Information
Head Teacher:

Mercedes Abades

Degree Coordinator:

Beatriz Campillo

1st Course Coordinator:

Maria Serret

2on Course Coordinator
Elvira Hernandez

3rd Course Coordinator
Maria Teresa Ricart 

4th Course Coordinator:

Eva Román

Mobility and Exchange Coordinator:

Montserrat Guillaumet

Research Coordinator:

Eva Román 

Quality coordinator: 

Rosalia Santesmases 

Master degress Coordinators

Nursing Care for Cardiac Patients:

Maria Teresa Ricart 

Gerontologic ang Geriatric Nursing:

Elvira Hernández

Intensive Nursing:

Antonio Torres

Oncological Nursing:

Adelaida Ramos 
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing:

Montserrat Sirvent

Perioperative Nursing:

Beatriz Campillo 

Addictive Behaviors:
Prevention and Nursing Intervemtion: 

Montserrat Sirvent 

Nursing Care for Children and Adolescent:  

Maria Serret 

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