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Support Services

Centre for Drug Research (CIM Sant Pau)

Rosa M. Antonijoan

Ma Rosa Ballester
Judit Claramunt
Susana Clos
Sonia Coma
Ma Ángeles Funes
Consuelo García
Ignasi Gich
Sandra Giménez
Ana Gomis
Mireia González
David Martínez
Joan Martínez
Maribel Martínez
Pura Martínez
Esteve Mercader
Sara Mora
Montserrat Puntes


Perform clinical drug trials and/or clinical research in compliance with methodological, ethical and legal requirements in the context of international Good Clinical Practice guidelines concerning:
  • Clinical trials that are not of therapeutic interest for participants (phase I, special populations, psychopathological research, biomarkers, proof of concept).
  • Clinical trials in neuropsychopharmacology.
  • Clinical trials in initial developmental phases.

Three separate work areas have been designated for the trials:

  • Admission zone.
  • 24 beds distributed in 4 units: trials in healthy volunteers and patients.
  • 2 individual rooms for CNS studies.
  • Ambulatory zone.
  • 4 consulting rooms for complementary testing mainly related to CNS.
  • 3 cubicles to evaluate psychomotor performance.
Logistic support area:
  • Rest area for clinical trial participants with bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Areas for the preparation, centrifugation, and separation of biological samples.
  • Cold room.
  • Filing.
Management, administration and data processing:
  • Offices.
  • Area for monitors.
  • IT equipment for clinical trial activities of a non-experimental nature.
Rosa M. Antonijoan
E-mail: RAntonijoana@santpau.cat

Dossier CIM Sant Pau




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