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Technology sectors related to health care make up a large part of the gross national product and have contributed significantly to increase life expectancy and quality of life.

Hospitals occupy a central position in the health care value chain and therefore play a key role in adopting and disseminating technological innovations. Hospitals are also a rich source of high-quality scientific knowledge and provide strong added value. Clinical and scientific language often establishes fluent communication with technical language.

Hospitals are the ideal setting to identify unmet needs and generate ideas to improve health and medical practice. IIB Sant Pau wishes to promote innovation so as to provide technological solutions to these needs and to guarantee excellence in our health care.

Innovation in biomedicine is a strategic priority for IIB Sant Pau. To this end, in 2010 the Transfer and Innovation Unit was set up to promote an innovative and entrepreneurial culture among its team of collaborators and to transfer knowledge to the business sector.

Functions of the Transfer and Innovation Unit: 

  • Implement an innovative management system.
  • Disseminate an innovative culture.
  • Attract inventions.
  • Assess technological opportunities.
  • Protect inventions and industrial ownership.
  • Manage the development of innovation projects.
  • Transfer and commercialize innovation.
  • Raise funds for new projects.
  • Provide participation, representation and networking.
  • Provide training and assessment in innovation.
  • Streamline management and support during the value chain process from the conception of an idea until technology is launched.
  • Manage competitive official announcements of innovation projects, within national and European frameworks of funding.
  • Develop technology platforms.

The IIB Sant Pau Transfer and Innovation Unit takes part in the ITEMAS (Innovación en Tecnologías Médicas y Sanitarias) Network, fostered by Carlos III Health Institute to ease the transmission and transformation of scientific and medical knowledge related to innovation in health technologies.




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